Japanese stylie brown rice salad

img_1697What took me so long? Don’t ask! Life, just life people… Anyway, I am here with an oldie but oh so goodie. I made this dish during a yoga retreat years back when I had a heap of cooked brown rice left that I wanted to revamp. It is so long ago that I don’t even remember the recipe. So this will be more of a suggestion than an actual recipe. But it is perfect when you have rice left over and want to make something else than the obvious fried rice with it.

img_1699I believe I threw some thick aubergine slices that I marinated in  mirin, tamari, grated ginger, garlic and coconut blossom sugar on the grill until they were soft and caramelized. To give the rice extra flavour I made a simple sushi dressing with mirin, rice wine vinegar, salt and sesame seed oil. I scooped the rice in a shallow bowl, arranged the aubergine slices along the rim and than sprinkled the salad with grated carrot for colour and crunch. And finished the whole thing off with thinly sliced seaweed strips that I roasted in a dry pan, bean sprouts and toasted sesame seeds. And presto! Or harigato, in this case!

You could top this salad with any type of veggies that you would normaly use for vegetarian sushi, such as thinly sliced cucumber or pickled radishes. Also fried Japanese style omelette shreds would be fabulous on it. Put on your Japanese thinking hat and get those creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

This dish is especially good for Kapha’s because it is low in fat. Aubergine, being a member of the nightshade family might irritate Pitta and Vata when eaten in excess.


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