The life affirming boiled egg

Scrol naar beneden voor Nederlands recept.

imageDear Soul Foodies,

This is were my life is at today. I am happy. I am at peace. I am grateful. I am breathing. I am loved. Pretty good for a rainy friday afternoon, isn’t it?

I have been on my personal journey to more balance, bliss and beauty for 6 weeks now. And the results are breathtaking. When I started Project ME! 6 weeks ago I was worn and tired. But also excited and curious. Would I stick to the agreement I made to put myself on top of my daily To Do list? How would I make making myself my number one priority practical and incorporate it into my busy daily schedule? Would it be worth the trouble? Would it even make any difference?

6 weeks later I can say without any reserverations that it was the best thing I have done for myself in 15 years.  It amazes me what you can accomplish with a little bit of attention, some extra awareness and an ipad.

imageI started out with a week of detoxing. Letting go of the things that no longer served me and finding out who I am certainly not. Turns out I am not Jennifer Lopez…. Week 2 was all about Joy and Inspiration. Finding out what brings me joy, how I can experience it more often without having to move to a tropical deserted island and what joy has to do with inspiration. Next came my week of Transformation which was the toughest week of them all. It was my most painful moment that set my transformation in motion. So on to my week of healing in which I restored my holy triangle. The connection between myself, my soul and that which I call God. All my new found beliefs needed affirming, which I did in week 5 during my week of Affirmation.

In that week I formulated my new root affirmation.  The affirmation that from this day forward will be the one I consciously choose above all others. Which is “I am loved”.  In my search to make Project ME! practical I decided to create a practice that would remind me of my new affirmation often. I designed an affirmational dish.

This dish has all the qualities that to me examplify love. It’s pure, simple, honest, nourishing, accessible and easy. Yes, it is just a boiled egg. What is so special about a boiled egg? Nothing. And that, my friends, is exaclty the point!

You can find all Project ME! video’s here.

imageLife affirming boiled egg

Boil an egg to your prefered doneness. Drizzle with (homemade ghee), himalaya salt and cracked black pepper. Eat on its own or serve with hot flat bread and avocado slices.

Nederlands recept

Affirmatie gekookt ei

Kook een ei zoals jij ‘m het liefst eet. Besprenkel met (huisgemaakte) ghee, himalaya zout en verse zwarte peper.  Eet zo of serveer met plat brood en plakjes avocado.



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