Cooling Cocorinha to die for

Scroll naar beneden voor Nederlands recept.

imageSo apparantly whining does work! Sometimes…. Man, check out this sunshine! It is glorious and instantly transforms Amsterdam into a city of Gods. Whoa! I am loving it. Well, I’d better. After last post’s disturbing weather rant…… But let bygones be bygones. Today is a new day, and I for one am ready to celebrate the 15 degrees increase in temperature.

We had better take full advantage of these summery temperatures and get out the big guns asap. So today I finally get to share the fabulous mocktail I was talking about here. Now, I have never been much of a drinker. Even in my pre-Ayurvedic days. But man, I looooved me a good Caipirinha.

imageCaipirinha is the national Brasilian cocktail made with a stupifyingly strong spirit called cachacha, limes and sugar. Cachacha is distilled from sugarcane and in Brasil it is something of a national hero. After football and carnival it has become one of the most important symbols of this tropical country. When I travelled to Brasil with my family many moons ago our guide would tell impressive stories of how Brasilian men had died during cachacha drink off’s, whilst trying to prove their manlyhood. Oh yes, no better way to prove what a hot shot man you are than by being dead right!

Any way, since adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle I have even curtailed my alcoholic intake further. But I still like the looks and taste of a great cocktail. But without the hangover and early dead threat please. So I set out to make my own version of my beloved Caipirinha. And this is what I came up with.

imageThis Cocorinha has coconut written all over it. It is the kind of drink you want when it is hot, hot, hot. As coconut is known to be a great cooling agent in Ayurveda. For a triple coconut whammy I used coconut water, coconut blossom sugar plus dessicated coconut to garnish the rim of the glass. For color and taste I added some pomegranate seeds. The astringent taste of this pretty fruit is very good to cool your body down as well. So this Cocorinha truly is the perfect Pitta cooler on a hot summers day. Please do try it. I promise, it is really really good. Almost to die for!


For 1 cocktail

  • 1 cocktail glass
  • 1 tablespoon dessicated coconut
  • 1/4 to 1/2 a lime
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons coconut blossom sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
  • a few fresh mint leaves
  • 200 ml coconut water
  • crushed iced
  • 1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds
  • 1 lime wedge for garnish
  • 1 straw for garnish

Pour the dessicated coconut on a small plate. Pass the lime around the rim of your cocktail glass to wet it all over. Now dip the rim in the coconut so it sticks to the glass.

Cut up the lime in small dice. Use 1/4 lime if you want your Cocorinha less sour or otherwise use 1/2 a lime. Put this in the bottom of the glass and add the coconut blossom sugar, ginger and mint leaves. Crush with a mortar or big spoon if you don’t have a mortar. Mix until all the sugar is dissolved. Now add the coconut water, mix well. Finish the cocktail with the crushed ice and pomegranate seeds.

Garnish the cocktail with a lime wedge and a straw.

Nederlans recept


Voor 1 cocktail

  • 1 cocktail glas
  • 1 eetlepel kokosrasp
  • 1/4 tot 1/2 limoen
  • 1 tot 2 theelepels kokosbloesemsuiker
  • 1/2 theelepel versgeraspte gember
  • een paar blaadjes munt
  • 200 ml kokoswater
  • gecrusht ijs
  • 1 eetlepel granaatappelzaadjes
  • 1 limoenschijf om te garneren
  • 1 rietje

Strooi de kokosrasp op een klein bordje. Maak de rand van het cocktailglas nat met een stukje limoen. Doop de rand van het glas in de kokosrasp om een mooi kokosrandje te maken. 

Snij de limoen in kleine blokjes. Afhankelijk van hoe zuur je de cocktail wilt gebruik je een 1/4 of een 1/2 limoen. Doe dit in de bodem van het glas samen met de kokosbloesemsuiker, gember en munt. Kneus goed met een stamper tot de limoen al haar vocht heeft losgelaten en de suiker is opgelost. Voeg nu het kokoswater toe, meng goed en doe er tot slot het gecrushte ijs en de granaatappelzaadjes bij.

Garneer het glas met een schijfje limoen en steek een rietje in je cocktail.



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