What the hell is up with this weather matcha latte

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imageThe plan was to present you with a beautiful summery cocktail today. A wonderful non alcoholic one that you sip on while waiting for the veggie skewers to grill on the barbie. Or that you have lounging on a giant Balinese beach bed in your best friends garden. A cocktail to toast the setting sun with your man on a balmy summers eve. Yes, that was the plan alright. However…. there has been a slight F***-up, I’m afraid. And not on my part this time.

I know I am supposed to be all Ayurvedicly zen and stuff, but what the @*&% is up with this weather?? I’ve had to rewash my laundry twice this week because I hung it to dry outside in blazing sunshine, only to get it poured on by the heaviest down pour in the history of Dutch Julys. Century old trees are being uprooted by storms so heavy you’d swear it was October. It’s as if Hurricane Katrina’s evil twin sister has reincarnated and found her way to Europe. And I am done, I mean really, so done with her.

imageWhat does Ayurveda say about this sorry ass weather, you ask? Frankly I’m too pissed to even care! Ayurveda is from India for heavens sake. They probably welcome heavy rains with open arms having the luxury of sunshine and heat for the greatest part of the year. So just let me pout for a minute or two, okay. I’ll get over it eventually. I’ll have to….

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with the recipe for a matcha latte instead which seems more appropriate for this weather. Matcha is Japanese green tea powder and a great Pitta balancer due to its bitter and astringent qualities. Plus it is full of anti-oxidants keeping you looking young and radiant. For extra flavour I added the seeds of half a vanilla bean and sweetened mine with just a dash of maple syrup. I frothed up my milk in an electrical milk frother but if you don’t have one you can simply whisk the living daylights out of barely boiling milk. If you don’t want to use cows milk goats milk is a great alternative for Pitta. If you substitute the cows milk with drier soy milk it can also be a good occasional treat for Kapha.

So curl up on the couch with a good book and get yourself an extra blanket. We may not be able to do much about this dreadful weather but at least we can drink ourselves to a state of blissful peace. So remember kids, when life gives you downpours make matcha latte.

imageMatcha Vanilla Latte

For one

  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • about 50 ml boiled water
  • seeds from 1/2 a vanilla bean
  • 200 ml cows-, goats-, almond or soy milk
  • maple syrup to taste

Put the matcha powder in a coffee glass. Add the boiled water and vanilla seeds. Stir really well until the matcha is completely dissolved in the water and you have no lumps. Froth your milk and slowly pour on top of the matcha mixture. Add maple syrup if desired.

Nederlands recept

Matcha vanille latte

Voor 1 persoon

  • 1 theelepel matcha poeder
  • ongeveer 50 ml gekookt water
  • zaadjes van een halve vanillepeul
  • 200 ml koeie-, geiten-, amandel- of sojamelk
  • ahornsiroop naar smaak

Doe het matchapoeder in een koffieglas. Voeg het gekookte water en de vanillezaadjes toe en meng heel goed tot alle poeder is opgelost en je geen klontjes meer hebt. Schuim je melk op in een melkschuimer of door het in een pannetje aan de kook te brengen en het flink te kloppen met een garde. Schenk voorzichtig bij de matcha. Breng desgewenst op smaak met ahornsiroop.


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