Easy peasy soup and parmesan flowers


imageHello lovelies,

This is gonna be a very short note since I am on work/vacation in Ibiza. I know, it’s a dirty job but somebody has got to do it. Thank god that somebody is me! I will come back with some pictures and recipes from Ibiza soon since I’ll be cooking for a yoga retreat and have lots of goodies planned. But for now I’m leaving you with some pictures of a delicious spring soup I made right before leaving Holland. I couldn’t resist the fat sweet peas at the farmers market and turned them into a refreshing soup with mint and just a hint of cumin. The soup is done in 15 minutes flat which earned it it’s name. For extra freshness I mixed chopped up cilantro leaves and lime zest through yoghurt to top up the soup. For the pretty factor I made parmesan flowers on rosemary stalks. A perfect start to an easy breezy spring dinner. I’ll post the recipe when I’m back.




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