Good morning sunshine!; date and almond bliss drink

blissdrinkvlinderThe day after my birthday celebration I was feeling a bit sluggish and desperately needed some “physical replenishment”.  I instantly thought of this drink since it is the ultimate reviver of weary souls, to put it in old English. On my “About-page” I already mentioned the concept of Rasa ” but let me go a bit deeper into it here.

In Ayurveda our bodies are made up of 7 different tissues named dhatus. You could imagine these tissues as concentric circles one inside of the other. Through food we nourish these tissues with each one feeding off of the tissue prior to it. The Rasa dhatu is the first tissue to be fed making it the foundation of all our bodily tissues. In our bodies it is directly related to plasma, lymphatic fluid and breast milk and menstrual fluids in woman. The quality of  rasa dhatu determines our general sense of physical as well as psycological wellbeing because all other tissues will be nourished by this dhatu. In other words if your rasa dhatu is healthy you are healthy.


The word Rasa is Sanskrit for essence, taste, juice, flavour, sap, sweetness and in some translations even love or bliss. Rasa is related to the water element and is what makes our bodies look young and healthy and our lives juicy and sweet. It is said that our main goal in this life is to experience  and share this sweetness and in doing so we contribute to the never ending process of creating more rasa. Kapha’s are known to have a natural higher proportion of rasa because they have more of the water element in their systems. Which is why when in balance they are so healthy, sweet, attractive and super fertile. In my world Rasa is what makes the world go round.


From a food perspective there are certain foods that help optimize the quality of our rasa. Most of them are foods that also increase the Kapha qualities in us and that have a sweet taste such as rice, nuts (especially almonds) and sweet ripe fruits. But there are also many herbs and spices that are known to increase rasa as well and it has been common practice in Ayurveda for centuries to make and use rasayanas, or rejuvenating herbal mixtures, as a means of staying youthful, glowing and in balance. Need I say more people?

A lot of rasayanas consist of an intimidating list of spices and herbs not always readily available in our western world. But this drink is one of the easiest and most accessible rejuvenation potions I have ever come across. And to boot it is delicious ! It’s the sort of thing you may want to have after having one drink too many. (Not that I ever suffer from that condition being all Ayurvedic and stuff… Ahem). Or when you are just down right tired to the bone. A condition, due to my often demanding schedule, I am unfortunately more familiar with than I would care to admit. Whatever your reason for some extra nourishment, this blissful drink is sure to be your answer. Try it and I dare you not to show off your new and improved va va va boom.

blissdrinkvanbovenThis drink is best for Vata’s and Pitta’s when in need of a little “pick me upper” but Kapha’s feel free to have it on occasion as breakfast when feeling sluggish or after a heavy dinner. Kapha you may want to use only water instead of the milk or use soy or goats milk and add an extra pinch of ginger. Pitta, goats milk is also a good bet for you if you don’t do well on cows milk. Very tired Vata’s, you can use any milk of your liking and add a teaspoon of melted ghee as well. But don’t be drinking this morning, noon and night time. I am well familiar with your addictive nature. It is meant as an extra nót as a replacement for regular food! Consider yourselves warned. I’ll be watching you…

Blissfull date, fig and almond drink

For 1 poor depleted soul as a morning drink

  • 2 medium sized dates (pitted)
  • 8 to 10 whole blanced almonds (depending on the size)
  • 1 medium sized dried fig (stem removed)
  • few strands of saffron
  • 110 ml luke warm water
  • 110 ml milk (almond, rice, cows, goats, oat; as per constitution)
  • pinch of ground cardamom
  • pinch of ground ginger
  • cinnamon powder for garnish

Soak the dates, almonds and fig in a bowl with hot water overnight. Discard the soaking liquid the next day and soak the saffron seperately in a tiny bit of water for about 10 minutes. Pour all ingredients including the saffron with the water it was soaked in, but except the cinnamon, in a blender or food processor. Blend well for at least 2 minutes until the drink is completely smooth and has the colour of the rising sun. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top, take a sip and listen to the angels sing….. Ah, no wonder it’s called bliss drink.


6 thoughts on “Good morning sunshine!; date and almond bliss drink

  1. Lieve Danielle, je blog maakt dat je (ik) goed wil zorgen voor je lichaam en tegelijkertijd ontzettend wilt genieten van alle mooie dingen om je heen. (Die gaan meestal hand in hand bij mij) daarnaast zijn je foto’s een lust voor het oog. Na het lezen ben ik weer begonnen met foto’s maken en daarnaast ben ik vastberaden de ingrediënten voor deze Rasa booster te vinden in mijn nieuwe woonplaats, Istanbul. Dank voor je inspiratie. Groetjes Janneke

    • Dag Janneke, Wat ontzettend leuk om van je te horen. En nog wel uit één van mijn lievelingssteden in de wereld. Moet er alleen nog naar toe, maar dat is een klein detail niet waar? Dank je voor je lieve woorden. Ik vind het heerlijk om te doen en altijd leuk om mensen hun reacties op mijn creaties te lezen. Geniet van het foto’s maken en laten we contact houden! Alvast hele mooie feestdagen gewenst. Groetjes, Daniëlle

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