Chai granola fit for a Maharadja

I’ve finally made it. After months of deliberation, procrastination and seeking inspiration I have finally managed to pen down my first post on this blog.  Following the amazing work of food bloggers from all over the world  for some years now made it quite a daunting task to try my hand at food blogging myself. But passion eventually won from reason, as it usually does with me. And here I am!

First and foremost I am in love with food. I love to look at it, buy it, read about it, cook it and nothing makes me happier than to share it. But struggeling with my weight for most of my young adult years made me realise how important it is to choose wisely when feeding yourself and the ones you love. After many stupid (and I do mean stupid!) diets, much frustration and distress I eventually got it in my late twenties. God may have in essence created all men equal but she certainly took some creative freedom when it came to designing our digestive systems. It finally dawned on me that I wasn’t overweight because I was being a pig and putting away much larger quantities of food than my ever so skinny older sister was. I just had a different way of digesting and assimilating the same foods that kept her in a size 4 and me in a 12. And so my love affair with Ayurveda began as I slowly learned how unique and ever so perfect we human beings are and how foods that celebrate and balance those differences would allow me to fully come into my own. For me this means eating the right, freshest and most delicious foods that work for my body and mind type but also adjusting my life style to one that suits me best. It is my intention to share this gift with you in a way that suits our modern demands, tickles our taste buds and basically just makes our hearts sing. And so my (hopefully soon to be) friends, back to the recipe. My (almost ) perfect chai granola For me granola is the quintessential breakfast delicacy as well as being extremely flexible for the more adventurous among us. And god knows that adventurous is just what all us foodies are at heart. Add a pinch of this spice, omit that grain, swap seeds or sweetening agents to your hearts content and before you know it you have created your own little masterpiece in a bowl. It is precisely this flexibility that makes it a welcome item on my breakfast table because you can easily make adjustments for all different types. As a tribute to the birthplace of Ayurveda, India, I used a homemade chai spice mixture to elevate it to a meal fit for a Maharadja. Since autumn is the season of wind balancing the Vata dosha (I’ll explain more about the dosha’s or different mind body types in later posts), which is governed by air and ether, is extra important this time of year. So I have made this granola nice and sweet using all natural sweeteners and adding in giant golden raisins, dried figs and dates. The sweet taste has a very grounding effect on Vata. Not to mention the peace and contentment that will descend upon you as your house fills with the aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves while your granola slowly bakes in the oven. Normally granola would be considered too dry for a Vata type but if you have a Vata constitution let it soak  in a bowl of hot cow’s or almond milk a bit and it will soften turning into instant comfort food. For the real chai experience froth up some hot soy, almond or cow’s milk, pour in a tall glass and sprinkle in the granola. I scooped a nice tablespoon of organic honey in the bottom of my glass and finished my chai granola off with a dusting of powdered chai spices. Or put your granola in small resealable bags like I did and they’ll make the perfect addition to any goodie bag.  So go ahead.  Channel your inner Maharadja (or at least his cook) and get that pestle and mortar out!


Sorry readers, people were going crazy over this recipe so I made a deal with some shops in Amsterdam to sell my granola through them. But as part of the deal I had to remove this recipe from my blog. I’m so sorry about that. But on the upside you’ll be able to go out and buy a fresh batch without slaving over the oven if you live in Holland. I will post the shops soon.






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